Our Story

Over the past number of years, AgriWiz has expanded its services from a little over 100 ha to almost 30 000 ha of citrus, macadamia, avocado, mango, guava, cherry, apple, grape and pineapple. Based on data from Frudata for the past five years 90% of the top producing citrus block for any cultivar have been advised by AgriWiz.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the continued production of the best agricultural producers and consultants internationally through the intelligent use and presentation of data. To do this we have filled the role of becoming an independent information broker that provides the consultant and farmer with quantified time specific instructions to optimise their production based entirely on data. AgriWiz does not profit from the sale of fertilizer, chemicals, or equipment, only the sale of recommendations in order to remain faithful to our mission and to create an environment of trust between consultants and farmers.

In the past year AgriWiz finally closed the data circle it had set out to close i.e., the integration of historic data with current and real time field data into recommendations that can be automatically implemented in the field via the cloud. We are now in the process of transitioning from a beta platform to a production platform where the focus will shift from just data modeling, to focusing on the user experience. This involves improving the user interface, ease of IoT sensor integration, import and export of data, benchmarking, intelligent feed-back, alert systems, help resources, and user training.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a fully rounded data integration service that will continue to provide the tools to ensure that consultants and farmers will always be better than they were the previous year, in terms of production, understanding and managing the complexities of their complex data-loaded environment.

Meet the Team


James Vos

MSc Biotechnology

Gerhard Mostert

MSc Agric.Soil Science

Barend Groenewald

BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Industrial Psychology
Director – Business Development

Kelly Minnaar


Kathleen Bailie

BPhilHons Marketing
Development and Operations

Westley van der Spuy

BCom Hons Agricultural Economics
Horticultural Specialist

Barbara Jay

B. Pharmacy (Hons), MPhil Env. Management
Technical Support