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Cloud Based Scientific Research

AgriWiz is a cloud based scientific research platform developed to help horticulturalists optimize their client’s yield and quality. We focus predominantly high value intensively farmed woody perennial crops such as citrus, macadamia, avocado, mango, litchi, apple, pear, and cherry. Currently the system is used for almost 25000 ha (over 850 farms). What differentiates us is that we intensively utilize the crop history (soil analysis, water analysis, leaf analysis, yield, climate, root and canopy growth, phenological cycle, irrigation/fertigation system soil profile infield sensors etc.) to optimize recommendations. With each additional year of data, the recommendations become better optimized for the field, finally resulting in a crop norm and recommendations specific to a crop and field.

Daily Irrigation Diary

Nutritional & Irrigation Recommendations

Nutritional, and irrigation recommendations are returned in clearly defined types, quantity and frequency that consider plant parameters, irrigation systems and soil properties at a weekly resolution. Irrigation recommendations are provided, based on historic climate and crop data that is integrated with current crop parameters and climatic forecast data provided at weekly or hourly resolutions.

Ultra-low Flow Drip Irrigation

AgriWiz has been one of the pioneers with the implementation of ultra-low flow drip irrigation (emitter delivery rates of below 1 l per hour) which has given us the ability to manage irrigation and plant nutrition to tolerances not possible a few years ago. Utilizing these systems we have realized approximately 30% increase in water use efficiency.

Integrated Cloud Platform

With the integration of field sensor data, weather forecasts, analysis results, and high-resolution modeling of data recommendations in terms of fertilizer and irrigation timing has become increasingly difficult to manage and monitor. Considering this, we have now integrated the cloud platform with irrigation and fertigation controllers permitting the automatic implementation of recommendations and the analysis of the returned logged data.

Feature List

Some of the services provided include

Nutritional Recommendations

Research tools to mine data to determine optimal crop production norms

Based on current and historic data analysis
Fertilizer selection based on
Weekly resolution
Fertigation tank mixes


Quantified recommendations are presented that are calculated to take prevent soil moisture depletion not exceeding that of the set Easily Available Water threshold. Depending on client requirements irrigations can be presented in frequencies and durations at daily or weekly intervals considering the current soil moisture content. High accuracy recommendations can be provided calculated to the closest minute taking into amount hourly plant water use soil reservoir EAW tolerance, irrigation delivery rate in root zone. This can be integrated and logged with automatic controllers.
Based on

Diaries and reports

Data and recommendations can be presented in custom reports or actionable instructions at user, farm, field season or weekly resolutions.
Weekly actions
Soil analysis / leaf analysis
Quantified irrigation and nutrition
Field parameters


Field monitoring of nutritional and soil parameters possible through direct monitoring or by field-based sensors (we are currently working on integrating most of the major field sensor data providers with our software).

Visualization via graphs or data superimposed on satellite images

Based on
AgriWiz is currently focusing on improving user interface navigation and dashboard. We’re also laying the foundation for us to provide a much richer and more intelligent feedback system for the user. This will provide insights to the user based on machine learning, look for anomalies in the data, and permit easy integration of outside data such as soil and plant sensors.

Compatible Systems that can currently be linked with AgriWiz

FamSync controllers can be linked with software to remotely control irrigation and fertilizer.

FarmSync and ProbeSchedule field sensors are currently compatible with AgriWiz. We’re excited to announce that most of the other systems will also be connected to AgriWiz in the next few months.

intelli-Farm controllers can be linked with software to remotely control irrigation and fertilizer.

intelli-Farm field sensors are compatible with Agriwiz.