Introduction to AgriWiz Fertilizer Mixes and Features

Welcome to AgriWiz! Join Jaco in this tutorial as he introduces the new Fertilizer Mix system. This update brings exciting features, including centralised management of fertilizer selections, combining various fertilizer application methods, correcting deficiencies, and even breaking the rules with the new master element functionality. For fertigation and hydroponics users, there are additional tools like tank calculation methods, improved warnings, custom fertilizer quantities, and more. Stay tuned to explore these new features in-depth and take your farming to the next level.

Key Concepts in Fertilizer & Irrigation management

Instructional presentation explaining some key concepts in the innovative AgriWiz™ approach to data driven Fertilizer & Irrigation Management for farmers.

Introduction to the new AgriWiz Season Wizard for current users

A tutorial for current AgriWiz users about the new functionalities of the software program for the new season (November 2023)

New AgriWiz software update November 2023

One of the unique aspects of AgriWiz™ is that our users have been able to communicate directly with our developers and make suggestions for future functionality that they would find useful.

The AgriWiz experiment.

An extensive literature search did not produce enough information, so AgriWiz decided to carry out our own experiments with commonly used fertilizer ingredients