The new look AgriWiz™ – an exciting, major upgrade. You asked for it and here it is.

One of the unique aspects of AgriWiz™ is that our users have been able to communicate directly with our developers and make suggestions for future functionality that they would find useful. We listened to them and AgriWiz™ is pleased to announce a major upgrade that incorporates many of those suggestions and requests.

The new features include:

  • A new Season Wizard. Easy to navigate, and you can now see the previous season information for each field/block as you create a new season.
  • A new Season View. Easy to read and navigate, with links to the Season Wizard that make entering updated data simple.
  • A unique Fertilizer Program feature designed to allow you a wide range of options for selecting and combining the Fertilizer Application Method/s, Fertilizer Type and Frequency of Application for any field, including the use of custom-made tank mixes, and you can choose the preferred method for calculating the rate of application. These tank mixes allow for concentrate tanks that can easily be used in more than one fertilizer program. We can also calculate different injection rates for different valves, giving you precision fertigation control. You also have the flexibility to adjust or change fertilizers and application methods during the Season, and any fertilizers that were already applied prior to the change will be taken into account in any future calculations.
  • Nutrient and fertilizer advice, in the form of seasonal recommendations for nutrients and fertilizers, is based on detailed soil, water, and leaf analyses, considering only accessible elements.
  • An updated Spreadsheet that allows multiple leaf, soil, and water analyses within a single season.
  • Uncomplicated integration with several brands of controllers and sensors for those farmers utilizing IoT for full or partial automation of irrigation and fertigation. (AgriWiz™ is currently in discussion with other suppliers for integration of their systems.)
  • Advanced Irrigation Scheduling. Choose from seven precision irrigation levels, ranging from long-term annual schedules to high-precision per valve schedules, detailing watering down to the minute.
  • Customizable Schedules. You can personalize your irrigation plans according to crop norms or field conditions, taking into account weekly variations in environmental factors such as current weather predictions and climate history. You can now adjust the Ks factor for any field by simply dragging a point on a graph, and then print the adjusted schedule or have it sent straight to your controllers.
  • Efficient logging mechanisms for tracking water and fertilizer use, either automatically or manually.
  • Benchmarking. AgriWiz™ now allows you to see how your crop is performing relative to the same crop grown in similar conditions. We employ data validation and benchmarking processes to ensure reliable and precise recommendations.
  • A newly created Technical Support team to provide assistance and training in the use of AgriWiz™ to its full potential. A stipulated number of hours of support are included in the seasonal charge of USD17/ha.
  • Comprehensive Help Files to help you navigate the system and links to relevant articles and information.