The AgriWiz platform gives users the option to link Field sensors and Irrigation/fertilizer controllers , where applicable, to the Farm data in the AgriWiz system. The information is then automatically integrated with the other data and used to provide precision scheduling for irrigation and fertilizer application. You will also be able to link Controllers to specific Tank Mixes.
This video will explain how to link your controllers and sensors to your AgriWiz account and then link the controllers to Tank Mixes and sensors to fields.
The final section discusses the use of valves for farmers who use controllers to operate the opening and closing of their irrigation valves.
0.00 Introduction and overview
1.10 Current Provider linkages and financial incentive disclaimer
1.45 Video contents list and order of process
2.50 Adding a Controller Provider account
4.38 Adding a Sensor Provider account
6.41 Managing Field Sensors
9.21 Linking Controllers to Field Mixes
11.23 Farm and Field Valves
Note: The named Controller and Sensor Providers are correct as of February, 2024 and this list will change as more provider APIs become available